Helped American Airlines make travel Personal again.

We made travel personal again. Travel on your terms, how you want, when you want, where you want.

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    All seats are not equal.
    Provided capability to communicate value of up-sell seats.

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    Connecting Products with the Customers that need them.

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    A new enterprise capability to interact personally with customers.

Details, Numbers, and Highlights

The Challenge

American Airlines sought to offer a personalized online booking experience. One with tailored, custom seat recommendations on flights that connected revenue-generating seat upgrade offers, with the needs of the customer. The challenges included:

1. All seats are not equal. The main (economy) cabin have seats with different options/features to cater to the needs of the individual traveller. The challenge is in communicating the value of these seats to a traveller in a compelling fashion.

2. All planes are not equal. Seats configurations, features, and price points vary between planes and routes. A large plane is setup differently and offers different seat features than a small regional plane. The challenge is in considering these differences and recommending a seat that fits the individual travellers needs.

3. Seat availability changes, all the time, in real time. How do you consider the differences in availability before recommending a seat. How do you do it in real time?

The Solution

We started with what has worked already - we studies the profile of travellers that historically purchased up-sell seats. We identified patterns in these travellers, and identified what attribute to use to create predictive models which identify seats to recommend to a customer, in real time.

In the background, we integrated with AA's systems and created a 'Decision capability', that could be pinged with a full seat map and data about the customer, and would respond with seat recommendations for that customer, in real time, specific to the context of the trip the customer was on.

The capability we built was completed with a feedback process to close the loop on all interactions with the customer that used the new capability. Feedback was collected and fed into the predictive models to improve the models predictions going forward, making this capability increasingly intelligent as time progresses.

The Results

In an increasingly competitive environment, American now possesses a capability to build lasting trust in a customer, which it can use to create the customer loyalty it strives for. By tailoring seat recommendations to the individual customer, American Airline's Marketers can connect the value of products with the value its customers desire. Beyond seat recommendations, American now has the infrastructure to use this capability in further channels and/or with their other, growing, set of products and new features on existing products.