Connecting millions worldwide

The AMEX mobile ATM finder isn’t just a customer gateway to finding where they can get cash. It’s an opportunity to connect them with geo-location based offers and deals.

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    Bold new map interface with clear directions.

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    Generated new revenue end engagement opportunities with new offer space.

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Details, Numbers, and Highlights

The Challenge

  • Globally, technology is not equal. Some parts of the world aren’t as up-to-date with mobile devices, and or operating systems that run them.
  • Creating device specific apps limits customers.
  • We needed to develop a solution that would be targeted to millions of customers… and it needed to work across the board.
  • Geo-location services aren’t readily available on all mobile devices, and in most travel cases, they are shut off to due to data restrictions and roaming charges.
  • There was also the additional communication challenge: Not all customers know (or understand) that cash access isn’t something available on everyone’s card. It is a service that you need to apply for online.

The Solution

  • We opted to build a web solution that would work on mobile, tablet and desktop devices.
  • The UI needed to be intuitive enough to get the user results in as few clicks as possible. It was also designed to make only a single Google API call per search.
  • Built on a mapping platform familiar to customers.
  • The system was extremely light on data, and would have minimal impact on customer’s data usage. It also meant super-fast load times.
  • The system also provided direct location based messaging that informed the user of blackouts, ATM malfunctions, or even shopping/dining opportunities/deals around them.
  • The system consolidated all advertising and communication space across all channels, minimizing AMEX’s communication design costs.

The Results

  • Improved Customer Experience for travelling card members.
  • The solution provided a life beyond just an ATM finder. It is now being integrated into other services to as a marketing tool to present offers and deals. …. Opens possibility of location based offers to target customers.