Transformation of a call center into a profit center.

How Dell and Objectifi used predictive modelling to create world leading intelligence in its call centers.

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    10% increase in top -line revenue

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    20% increase in margin

Details, Numbers, and Highlights

The Challenge

Dell’s direct to customer model is their completive advantage. Their relationship with their customer is critical. How do you ensure that customers calling into the customer are getting the right service. And how do you elegantly up-sell and cross-sell to customers on a service call elegantly?

How do you increase the revenue and margin of your call center while not sacrificing call handle time metrics?

How do you roll out to your existing call center agents globally?

The Solution

Objectifi partnered with Dell; embedded ourselves into the operations to understand the problem and define an end to end solution.

The solution was to leverage the context of a call and the history with the customer in real time to route calls to the right service/sales agents and then to provide agents with the insights and tools to improve sales and service.

Objectifi trained agents on how use the tools and insights and rolled out a reporting process with measurable targets. By re-defining workflows, and using leading technology no new latency was added to the process.

The Results

  • 10% increase in top line revenue
  • 20% increase in margin
  • No incremental call handle time