• Decision Science

    Know what the customer wants, before they ask for it.

"A good hockey player plays where the puck is. A great hockey player
plays where the puck is going to be."

— Wayne Gretzky


Every interaction with your customer generates an opportunity. A customer service phone call, could translate in the identification of the need for a new product. A new sale, could translate into an opportunity for a servicing agreement. The key to improving the customer experience is insight into what their need might be, based on what they are experiencing now. That's the insight that makes your customer's experience great.

Our Approach

There are many ways to reach customers through multiple channels. We recognize that any interaction made in one channel can deeply impact another. We design solutions that connect all channels and allow to speak to the customer with a single voice.

Our framework unlocks patterns in the data you own to identify when its right to offer a product or service or when it's right to re-enforce loyalty. The technology interacts seamlessly with your current marketing solutions.

Our approach is:

  • Study the customer data associated with historical desired outcomes for patterns and insights that can be leveraged for future interactions
  • Develop predictive modelling to optimize offers or customer servicing messaging based on patterns identified
  • Develop a standardized solution that can be easily integrated with current marketing channels
  • Include a close loop process that has the predictive model learn on actual responses by customers to offers or servicing message
  • Include a reporting process to measure success
  • Is extendable across use cases and channels

The technologies we use include: